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These Are Some of the Charities, Schools, and Non-Profits Society Bakery has Continually Donated To:

January 1, 2014 by roshiolivia


Society Bakery believes that a business can be profitable and charitable at the same time. We give back to “Society” because that is who we are. We believe it is everyone’s duty to humanity to give back. If we can influence others to do the same, especially children, then our mission is complete.  To donate, you do not need to be wealthy – just creative and compassionate.  We DO NOT take a tax write off on these donations.  What we get in return is the hope that we were able to help someone along the way.

Be Good to Your Sweet Tooth & Be Good to Society.

Society Bakery has donated to the following charities, schools, and non-profit organizations 2004-2014 (cash and in-kind), and many more:

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